Here, I share all my deep feelings, my thoughts, my hope, my fears, my dreams and my traveler experience through my music and my songs. I wrote those songs on the road, inspired by the people I’ve met on my way.

cyril chansons



Vole (fly) is a hymn to life and freedom. Is it forbidden to realize our dreams in this society ? Or it is only some craziness reserved for the brave and the dreamers that still believe in?


Mon sourire joli

Mon sourire joli (my beautiful smile) is a smile, a hand stretched out on the road. This is the story of two lovers, sustained by love, conscious that life is precious, short and sometimes tough in this world that’s why they enjoy each little moment.


Ta main dans la mienne

J’aurais bien fait le tour de la planète, franchir les frontières, découvrir d’autres terres.

(I would have gone around the world, crossed the borders, discovered other lands.)

Parcourir le monde avant que tout s’effondre. Tenir ta main dans la mienne et sur tous les chemins te dire “Je t’aime”.

(Traveling the world before everything falls apart. Holding your hand and telling you “I love you” on all the paths.)



Rosa is this girl that is not the richest one, neither the most beautiful one but she has this little thing, this little magic that you will never forget. I looked at the dictionary to find a word to describe her but nothing existed so I wrote this song and I called her Rosa


Ce soir

I love you with all my heart, with all my being and with all of my strength but love is blind. So blind that I lie to myself. If I would start learning to love myself, I would never seek my identity all around. Ce soir (tonight) seating in this bar, hearing your steps, would be only some noise…


Voyageur rêveur

Voyageur rêveur (traveler dreamer) is the story of this little shy boy that became a traveler dreamer. A traveler that left his country to discover the world and meet people with only one language: Love and Music. Voyageur rêveur, it’s some words on a funky acoustic music to not forget the world is beautiful when we see it with our heart…